Foto setan Pocong Ghost In the night was like in The horor Hollywood movie

What is pocong? pocong in java or in Indonesia and In the world. Pocong white color, and may be as white ghost in Afica, germany, england, and london hotel? Dont wory, in the world nothing the ghost if we not bilieve whit it.In dark the night had the ghost pocong that was frightening us. until we could not sleep twisted, then prayed before sleeping. The ghost pocong this bewarna white that possibly died on Thursday night kliwon/malam jumat.
The ghost generally referred in the life after the death. The ghost was also connected with the spirit or the soul who left the body because of the death. The definition from the ghost generally is different for each religion, civilisation, and the customs and traditions.In ghost's beach or Hawai Island did any ghost? (dracula or Vampire)??
Hantu pocon Picture It rained this weekend on our way to Palau Hantu. Dark, grey clouds over the water create a dull landscape, not to mention a cold exit after soaking
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